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Hire another live-in nanny today

January 13, 2007

Yesterday my sister Ada and I got another nanny for Carina. She was referred by the church last time, but we didn’t pick her. It was because she looked tired when we saw her last time. My mom and I were a bit worried as it needs a lot of energy to take care of the baby. And she has to alter her flight schedule, apply UI and CPP, etc.

Nonetheless, she has already changed her flight schedule when we talked to her again yesterday, and she is willing to accept our re-hire. Hope she can do a better job than the previous one. She is only working 5 days per week though.

Nanny is sick after working 3 days

January 12, 2007

After hiring the live-in nanny for 3 days, she said that she had soar throat on Jan 11 (Thursday) morning and needed to go back home for 2 days. I dropped her off home, and when we arrived at the door, she said that since Saturday is a half-day, she won’t be back until Monday. I am back to taking care of Carina again. The nanny is not very good and it is time to look for another one. Darn!

A live-in nanny was hired on Monday

January 10, 2007

After interviewing about 8 nannies in the last 1 1/2 week, I finally got a live-in nanny for Carina on January 8, 2007. Before that, I was taking care of Carina myself. This is much more than a full time job. I had to feed her every 2 1/2 to 3 hours, and each time she took 30 – 45 minutes. And I had to feed her 8 times a day! Fortunately, she slept through the night until 6:30am in the morning. The “alarm clock” is very accurate though. My hands are full and I couldn’t do anything else. Now this is a great relief as I can resume the settling down work. I really appreciate how great nannies are!

Johnson goes to baby center

January 10, 2007


This is the first time I have ever gone to a baby center. I can never imagine that I will go to this type of place. In Toronto these are called Ontario Early Years Centre. My sister Ada brought me there together with her baby Anson, her nanny and my nanny.

Carina loves her daddy

January 10, 2007

img_3142.JPGAlthough she couldn’t speak yet, she already shows that she loves her daddy.

Carina in Christmas clothes

January 10, 2007


Cousin Grace organized a welcome party to me and Carina on December 30, 2006. Carina was wearing a piece of Christmas clothes which is gifted by our neighbor Elisabeth, Harald and Madelaine. Does she look cute?