Carina is 3 months old now

As of yesterday (Feb 3), Carina is 3 months old. So I officially “upgrade” her from the bassinet to a crib. Thanks Uncle Wilkin for giving his daughter Venus’ crib to Carina, who is now 4 1/2 years old.

Ada told me that babies start to recognize people when they are 3 months old. Believe it or not, their clock is SO accurate. Grandma (my mom) hasn’t visited and taken care of her for some time, so she is a stranger to Carina. When she tried to hold, bath and feed her last night, she was crying out really vigorously. It was serious. This is the very first time she behaved like that. And she threw up a lot of milk through the mouth and nose. I was very worried and ended up comforting her and feeding her another meal at midnight.


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