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two teeth are coming out already!

March 8, 2007


Notice that two teeth are coming out already at the lower gum. This is early considered she is only 4 months old!


Carina is 4 months old today – but she is sick

March 3, 2007

Carina is 4 months old today, but she has also got her first illness – sneezing and running nose and tears. She was infected by her nanny. She is cranky and crying all night. She is suffering severely, and Papa has been staying with her all the time. Papa has also sent the nanny home and take care of Carina himself.

New massage chair

March 2, 2007


Papa has bought a brand new massage chair for me (or for him)!

Big smile!

March 2, 2007


How cute I am! Everyone said that I have a sweet smile.

Happy Chinese New Year of Pig

March 2, 2007


Look at my Chinese New Year clothing. Kung Hei Fat Choy!

However, I am still enjoying my Christmas. Take a look at my pants.  🙂 It is because my Chinese New Year pants got wet, and this is the only spare one papa has brought for me.