Carina and I have moved on April 21!


After bothering my elder sister Ada and her family for about 4 months (thanks a lot to Uncle Victor and Auntie Ada), Carina and I decided to move to our own place. I started looking for condominium in Scarborough on April 14 & 15, found one and signed the lease contract on April 15 late evening. Then I arranged the movers to move all our belongings on April 21.


Carina doesn’t seem to enjoy living in the new home. She was very happy when she lived at my sister’s house, but she keeps crying when she lives in the condominium. It is probably because the weather was very hot in the last few days, and the condominium won’t turn on the A/C until May 7, 2007. Poor Carina is suffering from the heat. I bought her an electric fan but it doesn’t seem to help too much. The weather is cooling down a bit now and hopefully she will cool down as well.

10 Responses to “Carina and I have moved on April 21!”

  1. Andrew Shih Says:

    Usually it is quite a bit dryer in a condominium than a house. U probably need a humidifier.

  2. Elaine Says:

    May God bless baby Carina that she will grow up happily and healthly!

    San Jose, CA

  3. Louis Says:

    Just saw your blog. Carine grew up a lot already!

  4. Ivy Says:

    Johnson, Carine grows a lot & look more and more like you. She’s beautiful & lovely. I love her cute face. Thanks for everything! Email me your new place address when u are free. Cheers.

  5. Judy Says:

    Carina is like a mini-you!!!!!!!!

    That is a very nice condo building. I also agree with others, from my own experience living in a condo, you will need a humidifier especially in winter. You can put one in Carina’s room and it should relieve the dryness.

  6. Belinda Says:

    Johnson, Carina looks more like you now. The other reason could be Carina just not used to the new surrounding yet. You can give her toys, blankets and things that she loves so that she feels familiar and secure. Try it and give her lots of kisses and hugs!!!

  7. Philip To Says:

    The apartment building looks very nice. I hope Carina can get used to the new environment soon.

  8. Loraine Says:

    She is very cute!

    I think it may be good to buy those humidifiers with air cleaning function. I have allergy myself during summer in Toronto and I found it good.

  9. Margaret Says:

    Carina is soooo adorable! I love her break dance. She definately knows how to dance well. 😉 About moving to a new place, I think that Carina notices the difference such as less people being around her. It is another transition for her, so you just give her sometimes to get comfortable with it. And the weather may affect her mood as well. Take care!

  10. Anne Says:

    Hi Carina! awww you are adorable! Your new place looks very nice…. I hope you like it too!

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