Sayonara to nanny Tiffany


Nanny Tiffany is my third nanny. She has taken care of me for the longest time, about 4 months. She is going back to Hong Kong, and last Saturday (April 28) was her last day. So last week daddy was busy posting ads, calling, searching, and interviewing nannies for me. He ended up choosing the one who requests higher salary, which surprises me and others. This is not his typical thought process. 🙂 The new nanny starts today (April 30).

One Response to “Sayonara to nanny Tiffany”

  1. Anna Says:

    Yip, your daddy usually goes cheap. 🙂 It is not my thought process either.

    She must be really good, is she? If she gets higher pay, remember to cry more, be more difficult, and more naughty…make her work for her money, Carina. 🙂

    but, shhh…don’t tell your daddy that i told you this.

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