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Window Climbing, Part II

November 24, 2007

The is the most scary one. Carina did fall! Be prepared before you watch.

But don’t worry. She is fine. See Part III again as it is taken immediately after Part II.

Window climbing, Part III of III

November 13, 2007

Window climbing, Part I of III

November 13, 2007

Auntie Sandy visiting

November 13, 2007


Auntie Sandy visited our family last week. She first went to my mom’s graveyard in San Francisco on my birthday (Nov 3). Then she came to Toronto to meet me and dad on Nov 7. They had dinner at 鼎泰豐. We met her again on Nov 9 before she left Toronto the next morning. We played a lot and had a great time.
She bought me two sets of beautiful clothes, a green turtle toy, and a box of Godiva chocolate to my dad. She also brought a doll for me from Auntie Bonnie. Thank you so much!

Big Head Girl Attack

November 13, 2007

Birthday wishes to Carina

November 5, 2007

Two days ago, we had a birthday party to celebrate Carina’s birthday in Toronto. Today is the day that Shirley left us and passed away. For those who love Carina and would like to memorize Shirley, your best birthday gift to Carina would be to post a message here to Carina. If possible, please write something that is related to Shirley. It would let Carina know more about her mom when she grows up.

I believe we won’t forget Shirley, but time will fade our mind. It is better to capture some precious memory before they are all gone.

If you need inspiration, please check out Shirley’s memorial website, the photos, and the old emails that you still had with us.

Do not overdo it. Even a few simple lines will do. I will start first. Thank you.

FYI, the 184 birthday photos taken by uncle Wilkin are ready. They are here:

Happy 1st Birthday!

November 4, 2007



This is my first birthday today. Daddy has organized a big party for me. We will have more professional photos from Uncle Wilkin, and professional video from Uncle Victor later. The above photos and video are just a titbit.

The 184 birthday photos taken by uncle Wilkin are now ready. They are here:

My first Halloween video

November 3, 2007

Candy! Candy! I love it.

My first Halloween as a Princess

November 1, 2007


Trick or treat! I am so happy to get the candy.

Then I started this new facial expression which daddy never saw that before. Daddy felt very weird when I did it. He thinks that it didn’t look good to me.