Birthday wishes to Carina

Two days ago, we had a birthday party to celebrate Carina’s birthday in Toronto. Today is the day that Shirley left us and passed away. For those who love Carina and would like to memorize Shirley, your best birthday gift to Carina would be to post a message here to Carina. If possible, please write something that is related to Shirley. It would let Carina know more about her mom when she grows up.

I believe we won’t forget Shirley, but time will fade our mind. It is better to capture some precious memory before they are all gone.

If you need inspiration, please check out Shirley’s memorial website, the photos, and the old emails that you still had with us.

Do not overdo it. Even a few simple lines will do. I will start first. Thank you.

FYI, the 184 birthday photos taken by uncle Wilkin are ready. They are here:

22 Responses to “Birthday wishes to Carina”

  1. Johnson Says:

    Dearest Carina,

    Happy 1st birthday!

    From the appearance, I wish you can grow up as beautiful as your mom. Internally, I hope you can become what your mom would like you to be as your Chinese name 善思, i.e. (1) 良的想 (a kind heart); (2) 考 (great at thinking).

    Your mom always asked me how you would look like before you were born. It turns out that you have the best combined features of hers and mine. Your big beautiful eyes look like hers, and your face and ears look like mine. When you smile, your half rounded eyes look exactly like hers. You are such a wonderful little cute doll. I am very proud of having you as my baby girl, just like I am very proud of having your mom as my wife.

    I will keep you a happy girl. Daddy loves you.

    Your beloved daddy

  2. Erwin Says:

    Dear Carina,

    Happy Birthday! Sorry I wasn’t able to join you on your birthday, but I will definitely see you in the future.

    You are one years old now, and beginning a great journey! Your mom was a beautiful, intelligent, generous, loving person. I know you will become just like her. Listen to your Daddy… he knows what he’s talking about, and loves you very very much!

    Take Care,

  3. Garry Chan Says:

    Dear Carina,

    Happy b-day! Your daddy had organized a great party for you last weekend. We ate lots of good food and played fun games. You seemed to enjoy yourself quite a bit as you were kicking your legs quite a bit. As ususal you gave a sweet, Shirley-ish smile when you saw me, telling me in your own way that, yo, wassup!

    Look forward to your next b-day.

    Auntie Rebecca + Uncle Garry

  4. Belinda Says:

    Dear Carina,

    Happy 1st Birthday. The birthday party was a big one and great. The little dress that you had on was beautiful. We love to see your smile and happy face. Our daughter Carina who’s eight year old now has the same name as you. She looked at your mother’s picture and said that your mother was pretty. We agree with her. Your mother was a loving person who got nice voice and pretty face. I can see Shirley in you with your beautiful eyes. We look forward to seeing you soon.

    Uncle Paul, Auntie Belinda & Carina

  5. Diane George Says:

    Dear Carina,

    Happy Birthday….you’ve grown into a beautiful 1 year old. I can see so much of both of your parents in you. Your sparkling eyes and warm smile remind me of your Mom. She was a beautiful, intelligent women who had a kind heart, gentle smile and passion for travel. She was most unique in her ability to make everyone that she had contact with feel special. I hope that you will grow into a women who possesses these qualities that made your Mom loved by many, especially your Dad.


    Aunt Diane, Uncle Mark and Ethan

  6. Bronia & Jackson Says:

    Hi Carina,

    Happy Birthday! Sorry cannot join your birthday party, hope you will like the birthday gift. You are really a beautiful sweetie, like your mom. From the photos in your blog, they give me some memory. When, I met your mom 15 years (long long time ago), she loved to smile and eat a lot who impressed me very much. She is also a strong and calm lady when she worked. She is just so smart as your Aunt Sandy.
    Of course, you no need to be the same as your mom. I hope you will be a happy and healthy girl forever.

    When, I go to Toronto next time, I will visit you for sure.


    Aunt Bronia & Uncle Jackson

  7. Anna Says:

    Dearest Carina,

    On Sunday, before I viewed your blog, I viewed your mom’s blog first. Your daddy did an excellent job in recording different events and your mom’s favorite places. It brought back a lot of memories to me, especially at the dim sum place in San Francisco, with your parents and many people that were from the Northbay.

    Your mom was a very giving, caring, and sharing person. She was also exceptionally strong and courageous. Many times, I went to her for advises and casual talks. She was a great listener, and advisor.

    Carina, your mommy lives within you. When you are older, do not ever feel that you are alone; your mom will always be with you. Of course, your dad will be by your side as well.

    Happy Birthday.



  8. Monica Says:

    Happy 1st birthday! I would have loved to have celebrated your special day with you but I am sending you my good wishes instead. Your mom was a beautiful person, both inside and out. She was so full of life and I am sure you will grow up to be like her. Ask your Daddy if the two of you can come and visit your Aunites and Uncles here in Edmonton.

    Hugs and kisses,

  9. Jenny (JJ) Says:

    Hello Carina,

    Happy 1st Birthday! As I look at your photos, you look like a replica of both mom and dad! You are a gorgeous baby!

    Your mom was a very thoughtful, caring and responsible person. She was also outgoing and creative! We’ll tell you stories about her when you grow up 🙂

    cousin JJ

  10. Frank & Sharon Says:

    Hey Carina,
    Sorry we missed your 1st birthday. But just because we weren’t there doesn’t mean that we weren’t thinking of you & your mommy & daddy. (pssst…plus you get more cake for yourself, and don’t have to worry about sharing it with Uncle Frank! =)

    Your mom was a warm, wonderful, independent individual, and a truly great friend. We have many fond memories of hanging out with your parents, especially going out to eat. Ask your dad about the time when your Mom and Sharon went to the wrong Sushi restaurant while your Dad & Frank were parking the car.

    Best wishes on your birthday & everyday. Love,

    Frank & Sharon

  11. Neelima Says:

    Dear Carina,
    Happy 1st birthday to you!! You look so much like your mom when you smile. The first thing which comes to my mind when I think of your mom is her smiling face. Your mom was a very warm, loving and intelligent woman. I wish you will inherit all the things that made her so special to everyone.
    Best wishes on your first birthday and wishing you a great year ahead. Love,
    Neelima, Raj, Vikram and Aditya

  12. Anne Says:

    Happy 1st Birthday cutie! I miss you! Seems like you have lots of fun on your birthday. I used to work with your mom at Citibank. We were both hired around the same time. We gone through training together and found out that we were assigned to the same financial center. She was a beautiful lady with a kind heart. Clients loved her because she provided them exceptional services. She was very excited to have you as a new member to the family. She always had a smile on her face when we chat about you. Remember… your mom will always be there next to you… watching you…. sharing your every unforgettable moment. Take good care of yourself and your wonderful daddy!


  13. William Leung Says:

    Dear Carina, Johnson and Shirley,
    Happy Big 1 Carina! Happy Birthday my little niece!
    Today’s party was a gathering of many people, some family and some friends; and because of you, friends have now become family and families have also now become friends!
    Your special day was beautiful and filled with smiles, happiness, joy, laughter, and most importantly a sense of warmth and “family”…and that is exactly what your mommy, daddy, you and all of us will always be…A big family always!

    Happy Birthday little one! and please ask your daddy for me, when is the next family gathering? Let’s do it soon! Can’t wait to see you again!

  14. Xiaoming Lu Says:

    Dear Carina,

    Happy 1st birthday. Your mom is beautiful, intelligent, fun and strong. Your dad is intelligent, strong, and fun. You will grow up with all of the above and more.

    I truly miss your mom. I truly cherish you. I truly cheer for your dad.


  15. Clara Says:

    Dear Carina, Happy 1st birthday! Unfortunately auntie Clara can’t come to your party but we’ll do something fun next time auntie Clara, Uncle Jack & Matt come to Toronto.

    Actually, I only learnt of your Chinese name just now. It is such a beautiful name and it truely reflects what your mom believes in. Shirley was a very kind-hearted person with a big smile on her face all the time, she brought out the sunshine in everyone. I’ve known your mom for many years and, since the first day I met her, I knew she was someone that I can trust and be a good friend with. Your mother was a beautiful person, both inside and outside, and I have seen many of her such features in you. I know your mother would be very proud of you, as we all know your daddy is too.

    Take care.

    Auntie Clara

  16. Kai Says:

    Dear Carina,

    Happy 1st birthday! We are sorry that your mom, Shirley, is not able to be with you and see you grow; that you don’t have a chance to meet her. But we can tell you that she was a beautiful, kind and caring woman, and we hope you grow up to be just like her.

    Carina, you have a loving and devoting dad who will not let you feel any less loved than having both parents. You are a lucky girl.

    Kai and Will

  17. Grace Says:

    Happy First Birthday To My Dearest Carina

    To Carina I’m sending my birthday wish
    To celebrate your first year dear
    With ice cream, cakes and candies
    To share your birthday cheer
    With fun and fun and lots of fun

    Your sweet sweet smile like your mom
    Oh sweetie how you soothe your Dad’s mind
    Your big bright eyes shine like your mom
    Oh sweetie how you light up everybody’s life
    Just right from the very start.

    May your days be filled with laughter
    Your years bring peace like a dove
    May your life give hope to others
    As in you, your mom’s warmth be seen
    Blessed with God’s love from above

  18. Sandy Says:

    Hello Carina,

    Happy Birthday!! Sorry that I missed your birthday party but I managed to visit your mum at San Fran on the day of your birthday and brought her colorful flowers. And you will receive the belated birthday gifts from Auntie Bronia and me today when we meet.

    Your mum is one of my best friends. We were the 2 management trainees in our first job and we’ve visited the Canadian Rockies together with your father in 2004. Your mum is a kind-hearted and smart person, very sensible and a good listener too. We can share secrets, tears and laughters. I remembered sharing a 4-lbs BIG CRAB in a big feast with your mum before she left for USA to meet your father.

    Although she has passed away, she left you to us. I am sure you will grow up as beautiful and as brilliant as your mom.

    May happiness fills your days forever!

    Auntie Sandy

  19. Stephen Lau Says:

    Hello Carina!

    Happy birthday! I’m sorry that I could not attend your birthday party. My family and I will definitely visit you the next time we are in town. Please visit us in Edmonton sometime!

    Your mom was a very special lady. Every time I saw her, she was always so warm, friendly and sincere. She was a very loving person. I know that you will grow up to be like her.

    I wish you all the best. Cherish your time with your daddy. Before you know it, you will be all grown up!

    I look forward to seeing you in person and giving you a big hug!

    Uncle Stephen,
    Auntie Monica, Auntie Cindy

  20. Annie Yau-Karim Says:

    Dear Carina,

    Happy 1st Birthday, your cake look so yummy and you look so gorgeous, being so far away from you, just hope we will all meet you one day.
    My memory of your mummy was her passion of travellling and theatre, so glad to have known your mummy. live well, kisses and big hugs from

    Aunti Annie, Uncle Mike, Yasmin and Saffron xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. Isabella & Edward Says:

    Dear Carina,

    Happy Birthday! Wow, your birthday party is so joyful, full of kids and your dad’s relatives and friends!

    In our memories, your mom also loves gatherings and we enjoyed a lot in the gatherings and parties organized by your mom and dad. We particularly enjoyed the kindness and care offered by your mom when we stayed at your parents’ home – of course, we will never forget the delicious dishes she prepared!

    Aunt Isabella and Uncle Edward

  22. Ruben Says:

    Hi Carina,

    Happy 1st Birthday! You are one year old already. Man time flies by fast. I wish I could have been there with you and your family to celebrate.

    Your mom was so fun and smart. She was the best at hosting gatherings. Always so generous… the coolest mom ever!

    Take care of your daddy! =)

    Best wishes to you and your family,


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