Walk, walk, walk

Carina was able to walk since mid/late January 2008. Daddy has been so busy that he hasn’t got a chance to take a video of her walking. Once she begins to walk, she is walking very fast now.

5 Responses to “Walk, walk, walk”

  1. Philip To Says:

    Can’t see the video for some reason. It says the video is no longer available. 😦

  2. Philip To Says:

    I can see it now. She is walking really well!

  3. Elisabeth and Madelaine Says:

    Congratulations on walking, Carina! Madelaine didn’t walk until age 17 months, and Elisabeth didn’t walk until age 22 months, so you’re much earlier than we!

  4. Louis Says:


  5. Anna Says:

    Wow!!! You are doing very good. And, I bet you are keeping your daddy pretty busy these days.

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