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A family get together at Collingwood on July 12-13, 2008

September 5, 2008

Auntie Ada and daddy had booked two hotel rooms to stay overnight at the Western Trillium House resort hotel in Blue Mountain, Collingwood.

We played and enjoyed at the beach in the afternoon.

Our whole family enjoyed dinner at the hotel restaurant.

I was getting cranky and grandma comforted me. I eventually fell asleep at the restaurant.

After dinner, the whole family strolled along the scenic European style village town.

The next morning we took the Gondola and hiked on the trail. See I was climbing on the wood when the family members were taking photos.

Daddy is embracing two kids now – a baby boy and a baby girl.

We went back to the beach again. I have got a new tattoo! The whole family relaxed at the beach afterwards.

Finally the trip was over. We were driving back home. See Auntie Ada was outside the window too.


Canada Day: lunch at 味香村

September 5, 2008

It was Canada Day,  July 1, 2008. There were many people at different dim sum restaurants that we went to. So we ended up going to a northern Chinese style restaurant for lunch. Grandma, grandpa, and the nanny were with us. The photo showed that I got pretty cranky at the end. Luckily, the nanny was here and so daddy could still enjoy the meal.

Carina enjoyed dim sum at the restaurant (Part II)

September 5, 2008

She became aware of the camera and made some posts.

Carina enjoyed dim sum at the restaurant (Part I)

September 5, 2008

Carina is enjoying the dim sum (or the spoon and bowl?) at the restaurant.

Father’s Day Sunday on June 15, 2008

September 5, 2008

It was Father’s Day, yet another Sunday. As usual, we had dim sum with grandparents in the morning. These photos are taken at the restaurant, and at the mall where the restaurant resides.

After lunch, we went to the Italian town as there was an Italian festival that day.

In the evening, we went to a Japanese buffet restaurant to celebrate Father’s Day with the whole family.

Another Sunday with family on June 8, 2008

September 5, 2008

It was another Sunday on June 8, 2008. These photos are taken at the elevator waiting area and inside the elevator of grandparent’s condominium.

In the evening, we went to visit Auntie Ada’s family. Carina and her cousins played at the park near Ada’s house.

Carina breaks and fixes window handle (Part II)

September 5, 2008

This is Part II of “Carina’s break and fix window handle” show.

Carina breaks and fixes window handle (Part I)

September 5, 2008

Grandma tried to hide the window handle so that she couldn’t play with it. But she still found it eventually and kept “break it and fix it” at the window. She seems to enjoy it very much.

Dim sum again on June 1, 2008

September 4, 2008

This was another dim sum day with grandparents on Sunday (June 1, 2008). It was 3 months ago.

Carina plays with her orange jacket

September 4, 2008

This video was taken on June 8, 2008 – 3 months ago. She is delighted playing with her own orange jacket.