Happy Birthday to my dear Carina

Dear Carina,

Happy Birthday to you! Today you are 2 years old.


This was November 1, 2008, two days before your birthday. We went to Auntie Ada’s house to celebrate your birthday.


See you were dressed up in the car.


Picture with Auntie Ada and Auntie Alice.


What are you trying to draw, my dear?


Birthday card and gift from Ada’s family, presented by honorable cousin Vincent.

Food!!! All the delicious food, including fresh shrimps, crabs, lobsters, roasted duck, roasted pork, BBQ pork, oven cooked lamb, etc. Yummy!


Arr… why am I only drinking soup and eating BBQ pork & rice? Isn’t it my birthday party? Hey, you guys are using my birthday as an excuse and eat all the great food. Let me have some too. 😦


Ok, here is my birthday cake. I blew the candles with cousin Vincent and Anson.


Pictures with my dearest daddy and grandma.


Now I can really say yummy! Great birthday cake.

4 Responses to “Happy Birthday to my dear Carina”

  1. Auntie Clara Says:

    Happy birthday Carina, I’ve been checking out your blog from time to time but looks like your daddy is a bit busy these days. Hope to see more of your pix.
    Auntie Clara

  2. Philip Says:

    Happy Birthday, Carina!

  3. Auntie Grace Says:

    Happy Birthday to dearest Carina!!!

    Hope you will soon turn your first words into your first songs and we are all so happy to watch you grow! May you be surrounded with happiness and blessed with love!!!

    It’s been so wonderful watching you grow into the little beauty you are now. We really enjoy your company to Church every Sunday!!! We can’t wait to see you every Sunday!!!

    Happy Birthday to our adorable Carina!!!

    Auntie Grace, Uncle Tat and Cousin Elizabeth

  4. Elisabeth and Madelaine Says:

    Happy birthday, Carina! There is a man at Whole Foods in Mill Valley who still remembers you from when we used to babysit you, and he always asks about you. He was amazed to hear you are already two years old. He sends his happy birthday wishes, also.

    Love from Auntie Elisabeth and Cousin Madelaine in rainy California

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