Happy Chinese New Year of Rat with friends and family

February 11, 2008

Carina dressed in a traditional red Chinese clothing gifted by Auntie Grace. Her cousins Vincent and Anson dressed in traditional Chinese clothing as well. We had gatherings with our family and daddy’s friends. She played with their kids Natalie and Nicole. Kung Hei Fat Choy to everyone!

Carina likes to talk on the phone

February 8, 2008

I saw daddy talking on the phone a lot, so I am learning from him. I can grab a phone (or anything) and just talk to it.

San Francisco Trip on Christmas 2007 – Day 8

January 7, 2008

We took the red eye flight back to Toronto. I was so tired and sleepy that I slept on daddy’s laps in the plane throughout the night.

I still looked very sleepy when we were waiting for the luggage at the luggage carousel in the Toronto airport.

San Francisco Trip on Christmas 2007 – Day 7

January 7, 2008

We had dim sum lunch at Dynasty Chinese Seafood restaurant in Cupertino. It was a big crowd. From left to right: cousin Laraine, auntie Connie, uncle Rene, auntie Beili, uncle Kelvin, auntie Anna, uncle Jason and his wife, uncle Steve, auntie Vivian, uncle Anthony and their two kids.
Heard a rumor that auntie Anna is getting married soon. Let’s see how far this rumor can go.

We had dinner with Uncle James, Auntie Annie and Kelly at Koi Palace Seafood restaurant.

San Francisco Trip on Christmas 2007 – Day 6

January 7, 2008

We stayed at Auntie Connie’s place for 3 nights, from December 27 -29. Thanks a lot to Auntie Connie and Uncle Rene’s hospitality.

We went to Auntie Lisa, Uncle Caesar, Walter and Christine’s house. We also met Uncle Wai Yip, Auntie Margaret, Theo, Auntie Maria, Uncle Eric, Rachael. I had a lot of fun playing with the kids.

We had dinner with Uncle David, Auntie Alesia, Uncle Rene, and Auntie Connie at a Malaysian restaurant in Ulfert Center in Dublin. We also celebrated Uncle Rene’s birthday.

San Francisco Trip on Christmas 2007 – Day 5

January 7, 2008

We visited mom’s ex-colleagues Auntie Anne and Auntie Jane at Citibank in San Francisco China town.

We had dinner with Uncle Horace and Auntie Tuyet at Fook Yuen Seafood restaurant in Millbrae.

San Francisco Trip on Christmas 2007 – Day 4

January 7, 2008

This was the vacation house in Tiburon that we had stayed for 3 nights with mom’s family.

We met Uncle Van’s family at Rohnert Park Costco in the evening. We ran into Uncle Tony’s family too.

We had dinner with grand auntie Liling and grand uncle Keith at R&G Lounge in San Francisco China town.

San Francisco Trip on Christmas 2007 – Day 3

January 7, 2008

It was Boxing day. We went to visit mom’s graveyard again. This time I was awake and took some family pictures with mom and dad.

San Francisco Trip on Christmas 2007 – Day 2

January 7, 2008

This was Christmas day. We went to visit mom’s graveyard.

Because we didn’t make reservation, all the good Chinese restaurants were booked for Christmas dinner. We ended up going to Best Panda Chinese restaurant.

San Francisco Trip on Christmas 2007 – Day 1

January 7, 2008


Daddy and I flew on December 24, 2007 from Toronto to San Francisco. The first flight was from Toronto to Denver. The connecting flight flew from Denver to San Francisco.